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realityfans4wga's Journal

Reality TV Fans Support the WGA Strike
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Hi, we like reality TV and we support the WGA strike. Yes, it's possible. No, really, it is. WE PROMISE.

Also, we don't eat babies. TRUFAX.

More seriously, we started this community to give reality TV fans a place to talk about the strike and show their support, but without the anti-reality bias seen in other strike support places. Feel free to post anything related to the strike, even if it's not directly related to reality TV. Basically, you can post and discuss anything here that you might find in wga_supporters, minus the "Boycott all reality TV!" and "Reality TV is the enemy!" and "I plan to never watch any reality shows, not that I watch any reality shows anyway. Well, except for that one that I really love because [insert reason here]. That doesn't count*!" type of posts.

*Yes, it does count. Don't kid yourself. You watch reality TV. But it's okay; despite what you may have heard, it won't make your IQ drop 50 points and you won't automatically turn into a shit-flinging monkey. You need to be a Cavemen fan for that to happen.

Some Rules

1. Be respectful of each other. Not everyone has to agree, but try to avoid being an asshat or troll.

2. Put anything more than 3 icons, or any large graphics, or any long articles behind a cut tag.

3. Take a glance through the recent entries to make sure you're not posting something that's just been posted.

4. Tag your posts. It makes it easier for people to find what they're looking for. Check out the full tags list here.